Post American Revolution History Collection: All of Michael's Recordings Since the American Revolution (Audio CDs ONLY)

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Many customer’s who've purchased Michael's Complete American Revolution Series, are still hungry for more history. Some would like to purchase the rest of Michael's history collection, but don't want to purchase CDs they already own as part of the Complete American Revolution Series.

Now, the Medved History Store is offering the remaining forty history programs in one collection. From topics ranging from the first presidency to the latest, the media, terrorism, faith, and even myths and truths about religion and the United States itself, Michael Medved covers it all and illustrates how it all came together to form the greatest nation on God's green earth.

This 83 CD library set comes in three black vinyl storage albums with snap enclosures and color covers.

This collection contains all of Michael Medved's history programs except the ones found in the complete American Revolution series. Shows included in this collection are:

Confronting Media Lies About Sex and Marriage

Divine Providence in American History

Faith Based Schools in America

Faith in the White House: Essential or Inappropriate?

The First Thanksgiving: Pilgrims, Puritans, and the Founding of America

Five Big Lies About American Business: Combatting Smears Against the Free Market Economy

Five Middle Eastern Wars

Four Lies About the War on Terrorism

The History of Third Parties in America

Hollywood's Delusions About Itself

Is America a Christian Nation?

The Media Grudge Against Israel

Myths and Truths About the US Constitution

Myths, Lies, and Truths About the Jewish Religion

Myths, Mistakes, and Lies About WWII

The Odds Against Obama

Prayer and the Four Pillars of Patriotism

The Pro-Life Revolution

The Real Lincoln

Right Turns - The Missing Chapters

The Secret History of the Christmas Holiday

September 11, 2001

September 11, 2002 - "9/11, The One-Year Anniversary"

The Shadow Presidents: The Secret History for the Chief Executives and Their Top Aides

The Ten Big Lies About America

Ten Big Lies About Same-Sex Marriage

Three Big Lies About the Vietnam War

The Truth About JFK

Victory Lessons from Ronald Reagan

The War for the Union

What Was So Great About President Reagan?

Why the Media and Academia Tilt Left

Why the Media Lean Left

Why They Fight: The Story of the Arab/Israeli Conflict

World War I: "The Great War" OR America's Greatest Mistake?

The Worst Presidents Ever

The (SHOCKING) Truth About Taxes

Conflict in Korea: Remembering the Forgotten War

The Case for Divine Providence in U.S. History

The Miracle of the Constitution