Myths, Lies and Truth About the Jewish Religion - (Audio CD)

Michael Medved
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For many people, much of what they think they know about Jews and Judaism simply isnåä't true. For instance, itåä's commonly believed that: * Kosher food gets its approved status because itåä's been blessed by a rabbi * Because of the "Chosen People" concept, Jews assume they are entitled to special privileges * Jews donåä't believe in an afterlife * The restrictions on using cars, telephones, televisions and other conveniences on the Sabbath reflects traditional Jewish rejection of the modern world * Jews consider women to be inferior beings and second class members of the community * The Talmud is a secret, mystical book that replaces the Bible for Orthodox Jews NONE OF THESE ASSUMPTIONS ARE TRUE! and yet they persist to color the attitudes of Christians, secularists, and even many American Jews. In this new program, Michael Medved sweeps away much of the confusion concerning Jewish practices and theology. In a highly personal and provocative approach, Medved attempts to correct some of the most prominent mistakes that regularly turn up in conversations about the Jewish faith. This broadcast isnåä't so much an "introduction to Judaism," (nobody could attempt that in just a few hours of conversation) as a beginning of a re-orientation to the often surprising truth about Jewish tradition and teaching.


Total Run Time:  1hr, 52min
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    Good Intoduction For a Non-Jew

    Posted by George Townsend on 18th Aug 2014

    I loved this recording. I do not believe a lot of what observant Jews believe, but find the beliefs, and especially the strict adherence, to be fascinating, and deserving of steadfast respect and admiration. Michael is to be commended for undertaking this. Thank you again and again for putting this together.

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    Myths and Truth about the JewishReligion

    Posted by Jeanette Ginsburg Lloyd on 29th Dec 2013

    This CD was very interesting. Michael discussed the meaning of 'kosher'. He talked about Judaism as a 'nationality' of sorts and as a religion. His comments on Sabbath day observance were thorough. He touched on the differences between "Orthodox", "Conservative" Nd "Reformed" Jews. We were especially interested in his explanation of what it means to be "Chosen". I plan to listen to it again.