Victory Lessons from Ronald Reagan - (Audio CD)

Michael Medved
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In 1975, the GOP looked dispirited, disheartened, divided and doomed. Republicans had just received a horrible 'thumpin' in Congressional elections, Democrats looked poised to recapture the White House, and an unpopular White House incumbent seemed to drag down the party's chances. Sound familiar? "But in 1976, retired governor of California and former Hollywood star Ronald Reagan made a long-shot run at the Presidency and taught his party how to win again. Today those lessons can still inspire all conservatives and all Americans. In this rousing talk on Reagan's birthday (February 6, 2007) Michael tells a standing-room-only audience the essentials of Reagan's approach - - clarity, cheerfulness and unity -- and the way these qualities can bring new Republican victories across the country. Michael provides sharp political insight and touching, little known details about America's beloved 40th President.


Total Run Time: 1hr, 18min

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