The War of 1812 - (MP3 Download)

Michael Medved
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What was the worst conducted war in America's history? What was the best-conducted war in America's history? Michael Medved presents the stories of two wars, both almost forgotten in our nation's past, but important in terms of the lessons they taught us and the country they helped forge.


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    An A+++++ Discussion on one of the most passed over wars in US history!

    Posted by John on 12th Sep 2015

    Michael Medved provides the best history lesson on a war most US history books gloss over. Even when I was in high school and college, the best summary of the War of 1812 were Madison's War, raids on US ships by the Bristish for sea men for the Royal Navy, rise of Henry Clay and the war hawks, the Star Spangle Banner and the burning of the US capitol. Medved does a thorough presentation of how this all happen came about. We sometimes look at our leaders today and judge them with using ",fine tooth comb", it was no different then. His discussion of the rise of Andrew Jackson is SUPERB! Worth the purchase!