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Michael Medved
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Why was Texas an independent republic? How did California become a US territory? What made Mexico declare war on the United States? How did this war change America? Michael Medved presents the true story of how the West was won.

Part Two: What Caused the War Between the States? Could the Civil War have been avoided? Did America have to go to war to end slavery? Would different leadership have lead to a peaceful resolution of the issues? Who were the people and what were the events and circumstances that pushed the nation toward conflict? Michael Medved weaves together the people, places, politics and events which led the North and the South toward our country's most bloody conflict.

Total Run Time: 1hr, 12min
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    Remember The Mexican War

    Posted by Gabe Nava on 19th Jun 2013

    All my life growing up as a confused American with Mexican heritage (which my dad drilled into us as early as I can remember, even though we were fifth generation American’s and had absolutely no ties to the “Old Country”) never the less, I was always reminded to "Remember The Alamo," but never quite understanding what I was to remember about it. This astounding account of such an important American war was never even marginally taught to us in school, nor properly by my pseudo-historian "Mexican American" father who claimed to know what happened there. I am embarrassed to say it took me over 40 years to finally be able to proclaim, "Remember The Mexican War" because we (Proud American's) kicked some serious Mexican butt and to think they could have actually settled for a large chunk of change and having spared the lives of their brave soldiers. By the way; I gifted this history program to my dad for Father's Day along with a nice new Galaxy Tablet so he could finally know the truth… and be set free! I cannot wait to discuss it with him after all this time.