Three Big Lies About the Vietnam War - (MP3 Download)

Michael Medved
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The Vietnam War ~ America's longest, most polarizing conflict ~ continues to divide Americans and to cast its shadow on contemporary policy debates. In the Presidential race between Bush and Kerry questions about the candidates' records during the Vietnam era (the President's National Guard service, Kerry's strident protests as leader of Vietnam Veterans Against the War) often overshadow discussion of more timely issues. These impassioned arguments about the Indochina conflict often confuse young people with no personal recollection or knowledge of Vietnam. This closely argued presentation makes clear the essential elements separating those who fought proudly (and bravely) in Southeast Asia from those who self-righteously opposed the war here at home. Michael Medved designates the "three big lies" that continue to poison our understanding and analysis of the war, arguing against common contentions:
1. That the Vietnam War represented an unconstitutional conflict based upon American imperialism and a desire for world dominance
2. That the military lost the war on the battlefield, and in the process committed horrendous atrocities
3. That anti-war protestors became the true heroes of that turbulent era, and their efforts ultimately brought peace to both the US and Indochina Each of these three claims is a lie and a slander on America and her military.
Each of these three claims is a lie and a slander on America and her military. In this presentation, Michael Medved exposes the truth that's often hidden and shows why and how distortions and outright falsehoods still wield their malevolent influence on too many of our fellow citizens.
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    What really started the war

    Posted by chava on 9th Sep 2016

    First of all I trust Michael Medved to give me the facts. Though I protested the Vietnam War in high school I knew I did not know the whole story. What Michael did was put the war in context with what had preceded, the rise of Nazism and then Communism with Stalin and China taking big strides in all of Asia. Being a young protester at the time I saw only the side story. Michael fills in what people in government knew which gave them reason to support our going to war. Loved the rabbit trails that led to a very fascinating precursor to the Vietnam War. Michael is a great story teller.

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    A must listen especially for the Viet Nam Vet.

    Posted by Bruce Hood on 4th Feb 2016

    As a Combat Infantryman in serving the calendar year of 1970 in Viet Nam as well as the Cambodian Invasion, I am always in search of answers to the questions relating to the purpose and truth of U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia. Having read many very good (and not so good) books on the subject as well as what I consider a good documentary; 'The History Channel's ,"Viet Nam in HD', I find Michael Medved's presentation as 'most excellent'. Michael is a master communicator. The history Michael has provided is the most thorough and comprehensive rendering that I have encountered to date. It is most valuable to the Vet who has been led to believe that we served no purpose and that there was no good reason for U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia. Every Viet Nam Vet needs to know, and every parent, grandparent,wife, child, brother, sister, friend, cousin that lost the life of that loved one; The men who fought served a noble purpose, and the fighting man won that war by every military and social standard, but as Michael points out; America (the media and congress) let us down and America lost the war, and as a result,the people of not only Viet Nam but also Cambodia were crushed and overtaken by the communist agenda which necessitated our involvement in the first place. Thank you Michael for this outstanding piece of work. I am recommending it to all of my Viet Nam brothers.

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    Phenomenal with an exception

    Posted by Michael Snozek on 10th Jun 2015

    Please continue your history programs, they are a delightful resource! The program is succinct and compelling! This is no suprise considering the standard output from Michael Medved. My one exception is with the conclusion the the Vietnam War was lost. I am on the board of the Arizona Military Museum and we are official partners with the DoD 50 year commemoration of the Vietnam War. It is difficult to contend that the US military lost the war when they lost no significant engagement, lost no territory, maintained an 18 to 1 casualty ratio, and negotiated a peace treaty in 1973 with the Treaty of Paris. As of that time, the war was over. An adversarial federal legislature may not have kept our word to supply the RVN, but their fall was 2 years later. The US fulfilled the SEATO obligations until aftet the Paris Treaty. The war was won, then we dropped our ally like a bad habit.

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    The whole truth, should you choose to accept it

    Posted by Jason on 10th Jun 2015

    Michael in his usual way completely obliterates the fallacies perpetuated by people who think they know something because it satisfies their ideology. This will open your eyes if you're not well versed on the history of the Cold War and the events that occurred during that era. Choose to accept the truth and be enlightened. Very well done!!

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    Very extensive buildup leading to the Big Lies About the Vietnam War

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jun 2015

    Michael Medved provides a lot of background history leading up to the war. The background is important for one to understand why the lies perpetrated by anti war activist and often the media distorted the facts and destroyed American support. Too bad many of those folks are still around or convey political influence to pat themselves on the back for doing a disservice to those who served and the American people. The frustrating part of the program was to get to the three big lies but I do understand why understanding the background of the war is key to revealing the lies and distortions of the truth.