Myths, Mistakes and Lies About World War II - (MP3 Download)

Michael Medved
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CAN YOU SEPARATE THE LIES FROM THE TRUTH ON WORLD WAR II? The Second World War was the deadliest, most significant conflict in human history and yet many of the most common assumptions about that struggle are horribly wrong. For instance, even well-informed citizens believe ~ * World War II was just an extension of World War I * The Versailles Treaty that ended World War I made the next war inevitable * Nazis hated gays just as they hated Jews, and killed them with similar ruthlessness * French troops showed appalling cowardice during World War II, and quickly surrendered * Stalin's Russia fought heroically and brilliantly to triumph in "The Great Patriotic War" * The U.S. ultimately prevailed due to superior generalship and political leadership * FDR understood the dangers of isolationism and courageously dragged a reluctant America to war * We entered the war, ultimately, on humanitarian grounds: to rescue persecuted Jews * Dropping A-Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was unnecessary and genocidal since Japan was already set to surrender None of these things is true ~ and some of them are deliberate, dangerous distortions. In this hard-hitting, controversial, informative and entertaining presentation, Michael Medved clears away the falsehoods and fabrications to lay bare some of the little known realities about our nation's biggest war. With lessons from the struggle constantly cited in contemporary debates, invoked to advance agendas on contemporary foreign policy and military disputes, it is essential to know the unvarnished facts, and to confront ~ WORLD WAR II: MYTHS, MISTAKES AND LIES
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  • 5
    What a great purchase!

    Posted by Gregory Sones on 3rd Jan 2018

    I heard a little bit of this program on the radio and was immediately hooked (so much so that I decided to purchase it as well as several other of Mr. Medved's history programs). All I can say is "Wow!". Really well presented and quite fascinating. I listen to it in my car on the way to and from work and it actually makes me want to hit heavy traffic just so I can listen a little bit more. Best $$ I've spent in quite some time and I look forward to new offerings.

  • 5
    Fascinating, new insights into WWII

    Posted by Betsy ARehart on 2nd Sep 2015

    I am a bit of a WWII buff, so consider myself to know something about it. However, this lecture, as promised, gave me some new information and new ways to think about the happenings of WWII. Presented as usual in Medved's engaging style.

  • 5

    Posted by Bill Cumbee on 8th Jan 2015

    I have listened to this program at least 5 times. Each time I catch something new. Micheal makes history exciting and interesting. I really enjoyed this and would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in WW2.

  • 5
    WORLD WAR II: MYTHS, MISTAKES AND LIES: Review and my notes

    Posted by Herman Kanter on 26th Aug 2013

    Hello Michael, I absolutely love to read and learn about history subjects. I try to tune into your radio show every day on AM 560/Chicago. I hope to be able to meet you in person. I have read all your books and I am looking forward to listening to your history series.

  • 4
    What You Didn't Know about WWII

    Posted by Tom Pine on 17th Jun 2013

    With his usual thoroughness, Michael uncovers and reveals lots of previously unknown and distorted facts about the conflict that literally swept the globe. Though i did know some facts, i had no idea some of the things i had always heard didn't happen that way at all! If you're any kind of WWII buff, this is the kind of program for you! I've heard it said that there is so enough information about WWII to keep historians busy for a century. Well, why not get the facts straight? This program's a good place to start.