The History Behind Holidays (Compilation of Audio Downloads)

Michael Medved
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Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of the most highly celebrated holidays in America.  Gathering together with family and friends, celebrating good tidings and being thankful for what we have; but from where do these holidays come from?  What is the origin and the history of the beginnings of these cherished times of the year?  Learn the history you never knew before; the legs on which these holidays stand.

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Collection Includes:

First Thanksgiving - Pilgrimas, Puritans, and the Founding of America

The Secret History of the Christmas Holiday

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  • 5
    History of Christmas

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Mar 2016

    I thoroughly enjoyed this very informative program about the history of Christmas. It is so interesting how traditions are initiated and then evolve over many centuries. It will be even more enjoyable to listen to this program during the Christmas holiday. Thank you Michael Medved for sharing your knowledge. You make history even more interesting to me than it already is.

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    Great explanations for Thanksgiving and Christmas

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Dec 2013

    There were so many things that were answered (Twelve days of Christmas being only one example) in both the Christmas and Thanksgiving histories. I can't wait to share the information with friends and relatives. I can't recommend this particular program enough!