Why They Fight: The Story of the Arab/Israeli Conflict - (Audio CD)

Michael Medved
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There is much misinformation and many outright lies spread today about

the facts of the Middle East conflict. In this broadcast Michael

Medved recounts the history of the small area of land which is modern

Israel. A remote and obscure territory of first the Roman Empire, then

the Ottoman Empire and later the British Empire, Jews, Arabs and

Christians have lived there for centuries. But bloody conflict between

these neighbors erupted after events following World War I and the

establishment of various Middle East states, including the State of

Israel. Why? Michael Medved presents facts to clarify a dark and

confusing segment of world history.


Total Run Time: 2hr, 34min

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    The Arab/Israeli conflict

    Posted by Rick LoPresti on 17th Dec 2013

    "The truth shall make you free." As long as the truth is the victim in this conflict, it will never be resolved. These CDs present the historical facts, not the hysterical hyperbole we are used to hearing.

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    Very Informative

    Posted by Brian Fox on 10th Jun 2013

    So much information is included in this presentation - my wife and I are taking a road trip in several weeks. During the road trip we will listen to the CD at least several more times to glean more wisdom from the contents.

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    Awesome Speech

    Posted by Gabe Bigger on 16th Jan 2013

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