What Was So Great About President Reagan? - (MP3 Download)

Michael Medved
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All conservatives-and most Americans-have a strong sense that Ronald Reagan was a great president but nearly twenty years after he left office, we're not always able to explain why. This new broadcast will spell out the elements of Reagan's greatness -- as a statesman, thinker, Republican politician, radio broadcaster (in both sports and political commentary), Hollywood actor (much better than usually acknowledged!), deeply religious Christian (also not often acknowledged), husband-and-father, and friend. The broadcast will also feature a personal, exclusive, hugely revealing on-air interview with one of the people who knew President Reagan best--his son (and youngest child) Ron Reagan, Michael's friend (and fellow talk show host). The broadcast will also feature some touching highlights of Reagan's unforgettable speeches, interviews and press conferences. A surprising, eye-opening look at one of the great lives of the twentieth Century and a complex individual who seems simultaneously familiar and mysterious.


Total Run Time: 1hr, 51min

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    Love Reagan -- I wish this course focused more on his political accomplishments and less on his formative years.

    Posted by David R on 19th Jun 2015

    Some of Medved's history courses are great. Unfortunately this one was a disappointment for me. All the more of a shame because I love Reagan. I wish Michael had spent more time on Reagan's economic accomplishments and phylosophy; also on his tough approach to foreign affairs. I wish the course included more of Reagan's speeches -- more examples of how persuasive he was. Instead Michael spent in inordinate amount of time discussing Reagan's youth; his mediocre performance in school; his early foray into art; and his career as an actor. Why, Michael, why?

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    Great tribute to a great man

    Posted by Dave Farley on 29th Jan 2015

    There seems to be a tendency for people in general and intellectuals in particular to complicate things and try to explain people and incidents in history as being complex phenomenon only understood by the intellectual elite. That was one of the great things about Ronald Reagan. He was a simple (not unintelligent) man that saw simple solutions that didn't need complex applications, but rather the persistent application of simple truths that ended up making a huge difference for the world. He also had the ability to explain these simple concepts in ways that simple (ordinary) people could understand and connect with. How I long for a simple straightforward discussion from a contemporary politician.