God's Hand on America - (MP3 Download)

Michael Medved
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Michael Medved recounts events that serve as evidence of a higher power in world and American history. He describes the strange events on the 50th anniversary of the Fourth of July and the numerous miraculous events in the life of George Washington. He documents divine intervention and mysterious events in the War Between the States. He deals with events in the 20th Century, including the life of Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and John Paul II.
Total Run Time:  1hr, 52min
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    Warm, thoughtful presentation with clarity and integrity

    Posted by Gary on 27th Sep 2017

    This is a great program that Michael hits out of the park, like usual. The information is inspiring and fascinating. Of course, Michael presents it in a way that is clear, interesting and straightforward. I think this would be extremely interesting to children since they'll never, ever get this kind of information at school. As with all of Michael's history programs, I hang on every word. This program is no exception.