Divine Guidance: The Key to America's Greatness (Audio CD)

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In this eye-opening compilation, Michael Medved examines the history of the Unites States, as well as it's leaders, and demonstrates, unequivocally, how the greatness of this country can only have come about with the guidance from divine intervention. Noting remarkable and illogical events, eye-witness accounts, and miraculous happenings that point to either a series of fortunate coincidences or the hand of a high power at work. From the founding fathers to recent 20th century events, Michael presents a case that casues for pause.


Collection Includes:

God's Hand on America

The Case for Divine Providence in U.S. History

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    No one tells history like Michael Medved.

    Posted by Rebecca Wade on 31st Mar 2015

    I could listen to Michael's stories of history 24/7. His stories are entertaining, exciting, interesting and inspirational. He reminds me of how incredibly blessed we are to live in this great country. Thank you Michael and God Bless you.