Why Media Lean Left - (MP3 Download)

Michael Medved
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This live presentation was given at the Lincoln Day Dinner sponsored by the Kitsap County Republican Party in Bremerton, Washington on March 5, 2000. Michael Medved offers an insightful perspective on why the media has shifted to the left of center in the political spectrum. He concludes this one-hour presentation with a plan you can employ to remove the impact of media bias. Following his talk, Michael takes questions from the audience and provides answers in the facile Medved style.


Total Run Time: 1hr, 12min
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    A penetrating insight of the mainstream media and our culture!

    Posted by Stephen Wang on 2nd Jun 2016

    Wow! Michael does it again! In this mp3 file, he explains comprehensively and eloquently why our media is the way it is and the forces that made it so. He gives solid examples and explains how they have not only influenced the media, but also how they have negatively influenced American culture. At the end of the speech he gives meaningful solutions for how we can combat and approach liberalism today and in effect improve the world around us. The file includes a Q&A session at the end where he shares more about the secrets to a successful radio show, Ronald Reagan, and even his favorite flavor of ice-cream!