Veterans Day Collection

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The Complete Veterans Day Collection

In honor of Veterans Day remember those who served by keeping their memories alive. The Complete Veterans Day Compilation is a collection of our best war programs—over 20 hours of audio content.

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The Complete Veterans Day Collection includes:


Battles of the American Revolution

Independence...Freedom...These are the battles fought, that ignited a revolution that would become a pillar of the world. Hear the stories of what it took, the planning, the stragtegy, the lives lost and the victories won. This how America became free

  •  The Battles of Princeton
  •  The Battle of Saratoga: The Most Rebellious Race - History Will Tell Lies
  •  The Battle of Trenton
  •  The Battle of Brandywine & Germantown
  •  The Life and Treason of Benedict Arnold
  •  The invasion of Canada and The Battle of Quebec
  •  The Empire Strikes Back: The Battle for Long Island
  •  The Campaign for the South: The Swap Fox - The Battles for Kings Mountain and Cowpen

Total Run Time: 8hr, 19min


Wars of the 19th Century

From Mexico declaring war on the U.S., the best and worst conducted battles in American history, to this country's own civil war; in the collection, learn about the struggles, the trials and tribulations, the defeats and triumphs of the wars of 19th Century America.

  •  The War of 1812
  •  The Mexican War
  •  The War for the Union

Total Run Time: 4hr, 19min


Wars of the 20th Century

In this collection, Michael Medved dives into six wars that helped to change and shape, not only America, but the world, into what it is today. With an unbiased opinion, Michael gives a detailed and honest account of the history you know and even more so of the hisotyr you don't. Learn the history behind the greatest wars of the 20th Century.

  •  Myths, Mistakes, and Lies About WWII
  •  The Conflict in Korea: Remembering the Forgotten War
  •  Three Big Lies About the Vietnam War
  •  World War I: "The Great War" or America's Greatest Mistake?
  •  Why They Fight: The Story of the Arab/Israeli Conflict
  •  Five Middle Eastern Wars

Total Run Time: 12hrs, 8 min