The Siege of Yorktown ~ Why the American Revolution was Different from All Others - (Audio CD)

Michael Medved
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Part One: The final and deciding major battle of the American Revolution. Learn the strategy and relive the unfolding events which completed the birth of a nation. See General George Washington through the eyes of the common soldiers from their diaries & letters.

Part Two: What were the three historical factors that made the American War for Independence different from all other revolutions? Michael Medved summarizes the American Revolution and places it in it's true perspective in world history. This recording Page Two provides the perfect conclusion to this chapter of America's history.

Total Run Time: 1hr, 14min
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    Good stuff

    Posted by Cheryl Morse-Anderson on 6th Mar 2017

    I thoroughly enjoy listening and listening again to Michael Medved's series on the War for Independence. Not only does Mr. Medved give an instructive lesson, but the incidental information he provides and his energetic presentation are engaging.