Medved Beer Mug

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The Official Beer Mug of The Michael Medved Show!

If you’re a fan of The Michael Medved Show then you know about Michael’s love of good micro-brews. Some of his favorites include: Pyramid’s ThunderHead IPA (Seattle), Legacy Logger (Chicago), and Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA (Milton, DE). We hate to sound like a snob here but drinking a beer out of the bottle just ain’t right! Here are the Six Steps necessary to properly enjoy your favorite brew: 

  1. Buy at least two of the Official Beer Mugs of The Michael Medved Show (after all, beer should be enjoyed with friends).
  2. Put mugs in the freezer until they get nice and frosty.
  3. Remove mugs from the freezer.
  4. Pour beer from the bottle into the mug. Do not be afraid of creating a nice, frothy head.
  5. Sip and savor to your satisfaction (For heaven’s sake, do NOT guzzle.).
  6. Drink responsibly…always.


-         Clear, sport mug

-         Holds 15 ounces (plenty of room for a bottle of beer plus a frothy head)

-         Full-color imprint of The Michael Medved Show logo

-         Hand-washing is recommended to preserve the finish.

-         Microwave safe (if for some unknown reason you like hot beer)

-         Measures 5 1/2" tall by 3 3/8” in diameter